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liderazgo femenino na Kòrsou ku a tuma lugá dianan 29 i 30 di mei último.

Written by on 1 June, 2021

Willemstad – ‘Helping girls with basic hygiene wisdom, using your hand as a symbolic power tool, being a first female to get more votes in history’; were some of the information shared by the three excellent keynote speakers who started the 18th virtual Annual Female Leadership Conference in Curaçao with the title: ‘Female leaders leading by example, last Saturday and Sunday.

Keynote speakers Sharon Katushabe in Uganda, Dr. Birgitte Tan in California, and Nina den Heyer in Bonaire captured the attention of the participants each with a powerful presentation.

The conference opened on Saturday with the words of conference starter Victoria Wild, followed by day energizer Jojo- J’Anmetra Waddell, the invocation of Rev. Louise de Bode and the three keynote speakers.

After the keynote presentations, there was an in-between talk and demonstration on body shaping by Sudri-Anne Elizabeth and a presentation of Feng Shui Master Reyna Joe on how to use Feng Shui tips to advance a career.

On the second day of the conference, there was an in-depth presentation of Dr. Lex Smith Washington of the University of Oklahoma who spoke about how educated women in high positions can defend and protect themselves against sexual harassment while protecting their career while protecting the effort they made to study and to make a career.

This part of the conference was well received and the participants had many questions on this topic.

This year was the second time that the Annual Female Leadership Conference in Curaçao had to go virtual because of the Covid challenge in the world.

This made it possible for more people from all over the world to participate since borders are perfectly erased with Zoom.

Initiator and organizer of the Annual Female Leadership Conferences in Curaçao since 2004 Reyna Joe expressed her gratitude for all those who are making it possible to continue to

have this empowering annual experience which for sure benefits every participant. A special thank you goes again to Jason Rafaël who for the 18th time helped to make it happen.

More information will be posted on the Facebook page: About Female Leadership.

The 19th Annual Female Leadership Conference will be in May 2022. For any other information please contact via [email protected]

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